Thanks to the generousity of Element14 and PicoTech, I was able to review the PicoScope 5444D MSO oscilloscope. This USB Oscilloscope is part of the PicoScope 5000D Series FlexRes oscilloscopes that provide 8 to 16 bits of vertical resolution, with up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 1 GS/s sampling speed. IMG_4369.jpg

A detailed review can be found in the Element14 Roadtest section: roadtest_July2617.png

In conclusion the 5444D hardware is great, the total feature set is enormous. Compared to desktop scopes with the same specs, the price is good. For portable operation the device is very handy, and easy to cary, but a laptop is needed. For on site servicing, you can put the 5444D with a laptop in your bag, which is a big benefit over carrying another bag with your desktop scope. The input range of 20V is a bit limited compared to its competitors, also PicoTech could do better on the quality of the probes.
Regarding the software, for macOS PicoTech still has some work to do, both on the PicoScope application, as well as on the SDK.