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JMM is data-acquisition software for digital multimeters equipped with a serial or USB port, such as the Metex 3850 and many others.
Version 2.2.0:
- Added support for Uni Trend UT61B, UT61C and UT61D.
- Added support for Vichy VC99.

Latest version: 2.2.0 (5 january 2013).

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In this project, Java is used for reading data from a multimeter that has an serial or USB port (such as the Voltcraft model 3850d). Java MultiMeter (JMM) has a very simple design. The main window displays the measurement value, the range and a bargraph (a semi-analogue measurement bar), plus a number of buttons. The READ button at the lower right is used to read in a value, while the START and STOP buttons can be used to control repetitive measurements at an adjustable interval that can be set using a slider (Sequence).


Up to now, this is nothing unusual. However, there is more. At the top of the window there is a menu bar that has two options in the Window menu, namely Plot and Log. If you click on Log, a logging window appears that displays all measured values and the time of each measurement. This can be useful for looking at what happened in the past. In addition, the information in the log window can be stored for subsequent processing, for example using a spreadsheet program.


If you click on Plot, a plot window appears that displays the measured values in graphic form. This plotting function works in a fairly advanced manner. The scale is automatically adjusted after each new measurement point is added. You can use the mouse to draw a rectangle over part of the plot, and then zoom in by moving the mouse down and to the right, or zoom out by moving the mouse up and to the left. If you press the Fill button, the full set of data is displayed again. Several plot windows can be open at the same time. New measurement data are always entered in the most recently opened window.


In the preferences, high and low alarm values can be set. Alarms are displayed in the main window and in the log. A beep is emitted on the first occurance of an alarm.





Version 2.2.0:
- Added support for Uni Trend UT61B, UT61C and UT61D.
- Added support for Vichy VC99.

Version 2.1.0:
- Added configurable low and high measures visual and audio alarms.
- Added more presets.
- Improved user interface.

Version 2.0.1:
- Added presets for RadioShack 22-805 and Metex ME-11 DMM.
- Minor bug fix.

Version 2.0:
- Improved user interface.
- Improved plot functionality.
- Added ability to check for updates.
- Bug fixes.

Version 1.7:
- Fixed a bug which causes a comport close or reset to freeze the application.
- Added support for the Trumeter DPM-812 and DPM-822 panel meters.
- Increased the number of readouts for the demo version to 25.
- Windows version is an exe now in stead of bat file with jar.
- The menu of the Mac version is now in Mac OS X look and feel.

Version 1.6:
- Updated to newer java virtual machines.

Version 1.5:
- In version 1.5 the possibility to change serial port settings is added. Broad ranges of multi-meters, using the same protocol, but with other serial settings are now supported. The Windows and Mac version are now equal, and both use the rxtx package in stead of the Java Communications API.
- The original Keyspan adapter with a special cable is still supported, but now also more common and cheap USB to serial adapters can be used. For these adapters no special cable is needed.
- A demo mode is added, when demo is checked in the preferences dialog, measurements are simulated. This way the software can be evaluated when no multi-meter is connected.



Supported multimeters:

Currently two protocols are supported:
  1. - the common Metex protocol used in Metex multimeters as wel as other brands,such as Voltcraft.
  2. - the Trumeter protocol.
  3. - the Uni Trend UT61[BCD] protocol.

List of supported multimeter types tested and confirmed by our users:

  1. - Voltcraft M-3850D
  2. - Metex ME-32
  3. - RadioShack 22-805
  4. - Metex ME-11
  5. - Trumeter DPM-812
  6. - Uni Trend UT61C
Other multimeters using the same protocol should also work.


Windows 7 screenshot:



If not already installed, you need to install Java to run jmm.

Jmm uses the RXTX serial and parallel I-O libraries. The library is included in the download.

Java 6 and librxtxSerial.jnilib on Intel Mac OS X (Robert Harder).


On-line registration:
In the demo mode you can do 25 readouts per run. When you register by paying $10 you will get a registration code. The demo limitations will be removed when the registration number is entered in the register window (in the Help menu).



third prize,1998 software competition